“If you know Kimberley, you’ll chuckle when I talk about the raw kind of scary energy field she can create. It pushes out and creates space for truth telling, real-talk, challenging assumptions and ego. I admire and at times envy her talent within my own chosen profession of planned giving.

In the past several years he’s refined these winning skills to push her work into bigger picture strategic planning, community facilitation and change ideation. It's breathtaking to see the process and the outcome.


Kimberley has been a friend, mentor, part of my own board of directors and why I jumped at the chance for us to create a space together to tackle and discuss things that we don’t see talked about enough in the world of social-good.” - Paul

Candid Conversations for Social Good

Unscripted, authentic and unleashed. 

This podcast offers a place for conversations to go deeper.


Combined Kimberley and Paul have 42 years of charity and management experience and have been tackling tough topics together for over fifteen years. That provides a framework for a lot of opinions!


You may laugh. You may cry. You may get fired up. You may become inspired. You may even face the day with a new perspective on an old idea!


Whatever happens we hope you will share your voice and opinion by joining our community and participating in the members only Facebook page or commenting on blogs, the podcast or twitter.

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“I honestly feel like Paul has always been part of my circle. Paul’s commitment to expanding his network and always working to learn as much as he can to stay on the leading edge of the social sector is something I really admire. Paul has a constant curiosity and is always striving to be better so he can do more for people around him.

It seems like he is always at the front of the line with the newest book, best blog or new idea that will help us all do better. At the end of every conversation with Paul I always feel inspired, motivated and well informed. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know how he does it!


A pep talk from Paul is the very best way for a fundraiser, or anyone to spend their time.” - Kimberley