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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Kimberley.

Being a charity executive is a tough gig!

It can be overwhelming, isolating and lonely. 

I am a former charity executive, thought leader, mother, stepmother, wife and grandmother. I now apply my lived experience being the kind of coach I wish I had when I was in the charity trenches.

"Kimberley focuses on solutions; she kept me on track and by the end of our first session I had clarity, and a real, tangible path forward. Kimberley, you're kind of brilliant! - Kathryn Gold, Chief Operating Officer, Swim, Drink Fish


I see you! You are constantly juggling competing priorities. You are so busy it is hard to find time to think. You may even be feeling overhwhelmed, misunderstood and even a bit lonely.

When you are stuck it is hard to think BIG!

Hiring me as your coach can help you in countless ways. I can help you:

  • Focus on what matters in the moment.

  • Find motivation and inspiration to get unstuck.

  • Talk through tough decisions and get clarity on an action plan.

  • Discover possibilities that you couldn't imagine or never thought possible.

  • HELP YOU SOAR IN 2024!

You've got this!

The world is depending on us more than ever!


You can't take care of your community if you don't take care of your people. You can't take care of your people if you don't take care of yourself.

Add me to your team and find the space to think, wrestle down challenges and articulate clear actionable steps toward flow and abundance.

"You're a little bit of magic!" - Renee Krysto, Director of Donor Relations, Y2Y

Ready to Soar in 2024?







Elevate your leadership game today. Schedule a consultation to discover how I can empower you to become the exceptional leader you're meant to be.

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