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Lifting Voices:
The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Social Audio for Social Good

I grew up without the internet. Without cell phones and with only three channels on the television in the basement.

I grew up at a time when we called my grandma on Sunday nights after 6:00pm because that’s when the long distance charges were the cheapest. I grew up with the constant, comforting hum of public radio in the kitchen.


When I was a teenager my parents, much to their regret later, let me have a private telephone line in my bedroom. So there I was, 15 years old hiding under my pillow whispering to my boyfriend…all night long, until we both fell asleep. Just sharing space with each other.


In fact, since the beginning of time, humans have communicated with their voices. In a world full of text messages, emails and social media, we still pick up the phone. When there is a cancer diagnosis, a bike accident, trouble at school, someone gets a new job, when there’s a wedding a new baby, if you are downsizing and have to tell the kids you are selling the house. When the conversation is really important we call. Audio communication is powerfully intimate.

That is why I love Clubhouse. And I am on a mission to broaden the nonprofit/charitable/social good sector on Clubhouse. 

Be curious. Check out the book and join the conversations. You would be very welcome

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We currently host three rooms on Clubhouse per week.

Wednesdays at 5:00pm EST - Building Better Boards
Thursdays at 1:00 pm EST -  Geeking Out Over Strategic Planning

Fridays at 12:00 EST - Charity Chatter (checking in and building community)

Come as you are and join the conversation. You are welcome there. You belong.

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