All great athletes have coaches. 


All great actors have coaches. 


All great Social Good ROCKSTARS, like YOU, should have a coach too! 

You are busy!  The world expects a lot from you.


Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and unfocused?

Perhaps you thought you knew what you were doing, but now you’re not so sure. 


You can get your game back. I can help.


If you are feeling….


Paralyzed, overwhelmed, ineffective, or isolated in your career, coaching can be just the investment you need.

I’ll help you look forward, not backward.


I’ll ask you hard truths, provide resources and assign actionable tasks.

My clients are on a path to a joyful purpose filled life. I can do the same for you.


It’s time to invest in yourself. In your career. In your organization.

The world needs you to be at your best. I can help get you there.


"I’m so glad I met Kimberley, without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Thanks to her instincts, coaching and hard truths I’m working in an organization I love at a job that challenges me.


Kimberley is the kind of coach that knows when to push, when to support and when to provide practically useful information that I can apply immediately. High fives all around at this end.”

                                             - Kirsten Dahl, Director of Development, Ontario Nature 

Why Me?

Most of all, because I’m passionate about your success.


If I could wave a magic wand and change one thing it would be that you love your work again and can be more effective. When that happens, everyone benefits.


With over 20 years of experience working as an executive director, a director of development and serve as a volunteer board member, I know what it takes to deliver results.

Charity sector thought leader. Award-winning fundraiser. Certified Fundraising Executive. Board tamer. I understand the system you work in.


I’ve been fired once. Divorced once too. I bounced back from failure and created a six-figure consulting business. I married husband 2.0 and we dance! Stepmother to six, mother of two and a grieving daughter.


I’ve earned my stripes, my wrinkles and my place. I understand that life can be complicated. 


We are all a hot mess at times, that's ok. You may need a gentle nudge or a kick in the pants. We can figure that out together. I can to help you get results FAST.

I will listen. I will also push, observe, reflect, ask hard truths and work with you to create a path forward. 

I've got your back! You don't have to be alone in this.


Let's Give it a Try.

Three Month Package

6 x 60 minute sessions


(Plus applicable taxes)

I'm Ready!

Six Month Package

12 x 60 minute sessions


(Plus applicable taxes)


12 Month Package

24 x 60 minute sessions


(Plus applicable taxes)

Helping Hand

You've got this!


Put me on your team. I'll have your back. It's time to get out of your slump, feel more successful and inspired.


It is time for you to get traction.

It is time for you to experience the power of coaching.

Team Coaching Package

If you are spending a lot of time coaching your team to improve performance or drive organizational change quickly, let's talk. I may be able to lighten your load and help everyone be more successful. Including you. 

Kimberley is currently working with the Co-Active Coaching model and is working toward official certification. Any clients who book prior to certification will have the opportunity to extend the original reduced rates for a period of three months. 

Not sure what the difference is between a mentor, therapist or coach? Learn more here.