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Imagine a world where...

People come together to lift, inspire, support and celebrate.


People come together with a collective purpose of improving work and life.

Guess what? You found it. 

The Intersection Hub - Welcome

But WHAT is The Intersection Hub?

It is a virtual hub of connectivity and support that helps people who work for social good love their jobs and have a greater impact on their organizations and community.

It’s a place where you will learn to love your job again and redevelop your ability to influence change, raise more money for social good and become wildly successful.


It’s a community where we hope that every single person who engages within it will feel elevated, supported and pay it forward.


It’s a community where we create safe spaces and work together through candid conversations in groups or one on one co-active coaching.


You belong here. Welcome to the Intersection. 

Trusted Advisors

The Intersection depends on a small group of strategic advisors to offer support, encouragement, technical assistance and pep talks to our Founder and CEO. They volunteer their enthusiasm and guidance on an ad hoc basis and share in the vision for a more collaborative society. Their collected input inspired this movement.

(Click on their pictures to learn more about their awesomeness)

Trusted Advisors
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Rob McGeachy

“Rob is my rock, my dance partner, my love and my technical wizard. The Intersection would not exist without his help and support.” - km


Michelle Doo

“Every single interaction I have with Michelle leaves me feeling like I can climb any mountain. Best friend, coach, home stager after a divorce! and travel companion. Every second with her is a boost. Without her the intersection would not exist.” -km


Paul Nazareth

“At the end of every conversation with Paul I always feel inspired, motivated and well informed. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know how he does it! A pep talk from Paul is the very best way for a fundraiser, or anyone to spend their time. Without Paul, The Intersection would not exist.”  km

Heather Nelson.jpg

Heather Nelson

“Heather is someone who truly believes that a high tide floats all boats. She is so passionate about helping everyone in her sphere be as successful as they can be, I'm so grateful for her friendship and good advice.”km


Mark Hierlihy

“Mark shows up to every conversation with an open heart and a deep curiosity about whoever he is talking to. His laser focus on the other person and his interest in adding value to their day is a joy to watch. Mark has been a huge inspiration to The Intersection.”km


Kelly Anne Morris

“As soon as I met Kelly years ago at AFP Toronto Congress we instantly connected. Probably because Kelly digs right into real conversations. She is not afraid to get past small talk and I love that about her.” km



Kelly Letourneau

“Kelly and I did some volunteer work together and I was impressed right out of the gate! Kelly is a talented community engagement strategist who has a comforting calmness about her and is a joy to work with.” km

Rickesh Lakhani.jpg

Rickesh Lakhani

"Rickesh is a kind and gentle man who fiercely advocates for the underdog and has seemingly endless capacity for comfort, empathy and laughter." km


Jen Love

"Storyteller, firefly chaser, dog walker, fierce mother, love warrior, loyal friend. Jen seems to have been part of every pivotal moment of my life and I love her." km

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